New technologies in the field of dermatology promise to revolutionize aesthetic treatments.

New technologies in the field of dermatology promise to revolutionize aesthetic treatments.

New technologies in the field of dermatology promise to revolutionize aesthetic treatments.

Non-invasive and fast-recovering treatments are the most sought after by patients

For a few years, when the subject of technology was mentioned, we then related it to techniques, methods and processes linked exclusively to engineering and science. But today the scenario is different: technology has overcome barriers, especially when its use is for beauty and is increasingly present in Medicine – and of course, in constant evolution.

In dermatological offices, for example, it is that thanks to the evolution of various technologies, patients can enjoy increasingly complete treatments, with faster and much more comfortable results.

For Dr. Fernanda Berti Rocha Mendes, dermatologist and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD), the patient does not seek only for an aesthetic treatment, but comfort, safety and procedures with rapid recovery.

“In the rushed daily routine patients cannot and do not want to waste time spent on work activities or social life due to post-procedure restriction. Therefore, more modern technologies tend not to have a resting time, that is, they are more effective, less painful and patients have no restrictions.

Technology allied to beauty

Removal of spots, pimples, treatment for facial and body flaccidity, melasma, wrinkles: laser treatments offer much more than the correction of a problem or an imperfection, they return to the patient beauty and self-esteem.

According to Fernanda, one of the favorites of the moment is the treatment with micro focused ultrasound with the use of Liftera technology, which presents non-invasive solutions for lifting as well as facial and body contouring. It has two types of applicators – Liftera Pen and the In-Line Applicator – enhancing the results offering the patient more comfort and safety.

“The Liftera is considered an innovative technology since it is the only ultrasound on the market with controlled and stable digital triggering, achieving an increase in the efficiency of the coagulation point in the tissue and providing the desired thermal and mechanical effect, without causing pain to the patient. Therefore, it is more precise which makes it possible to obtain more efficient results and painless treatment, “explains the dermatologist.

With this technology, there is no alteration of the color or texture of the skin: the patient can leave the office and return immediately to work or any commitment, without appearing signs of any medical treatment.

How technology works

Liftera uses Thermal Diffusion Technology (DTT), which accelerates the remodeling of collagen fibers in the skin through the irradiation of micro ultrasound focused at high speed on specific points, without causing any damage to the surface layers. It promotes multiple coagulation points in the dermis by diffusing neocollagenesis, that is, the formation of new collagen causing a thickening in the dermis and improving flaccidity.

“Then,” recalls Fernanda, “no product is injected on the contrary it is the organism itself that produces collagen through the stimulation of the device that results in a natural and gradual appearance in the quality of the skin and appearance of the patient. The technology is safe, offers patient comfort and the procedure itself is quick.”

From the age of 30 there is a physiological degradation of collagen in the skin that is drastically accentuated after menopause. That is why it is important to treat and reposition the structures. In general, the indication is to perform this stimulation once a year, but each case must be individualized.

Main indications of the Liftera

Liftera presents non-invasive solutions for lifting as well as facial and body contouring. It is indicated for treatments in areas of the face such as eyelids, forehead, wrinkles, lips, chin and facial contour. With the exclusive Feather, it is possible to devote more attention in areas such as the lower eyelid thus eliminating wrinkles, fat bags, flaccidity, double chin, nasolabial fold as well as other areas.

“The Liftera’s applicable pen has an ergonomic design, facilitating the performance of procedures in curved and detailed regions of the skin with its exclusive movement technology,” according to Fernanda.

For the body region the technology can be applied in almost all areas, including the abdomen, arms, armpit fat layer, knees, inner thigh, inner arm, sides among others. It is effective in increasing the firmness of the skin of the body as well as improving body contour.

Expected results

The doctor recalls that it is important to clarify for the patient that the total result of the treatment can take up to 3 months, as it is the time of formation of the new collagen. It is also necessary to identify intense flaccidity with surgical indication, because in these cases even if an improvement of the skin is obtained, you will not get the total solution of the problem or you will have the need to perform more sessions.

“In general, patients who do the treatment with technology feel very satisfied and are surprised with the result, always returning for more sessions,” says the doctor.

Fernanda Berti Rocha Mendes is a dermatologist (CRM 130555-SP | RQE: 47810-SP), member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and Doctor of Science – Oncology Area by the A. C. Camargo Cancer Center.

About Liftera

Liftera is the most revolutionary and innovative micro focused ultrasound technology, offering two options of applicators (Liftera Pen and In-Line Applicator), providing more ergonomics and speed in applications.

The technology makes the non-invasive facelift, neck and body treatment for the skin more effective and safer, strengthening the different layers and promoting facelift, skin firmness and body contour remodeling.

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