The world's first and only radiofrequency microneedling with pulsed wave and continuous wave

The revolutionary new microneedling with radiofrequency

  • Depth from 300 to 4,000 microns (4 mm) – Ideal depth for revitalization
  • Pulsed Wave
  • Continuous wave for skin revitalization
  • Non-insulated electrodes – minimal downtime and little or no pain
  • Adjustable settings for each skin type and application
  • Safe and effective for face and body

Main Differentials

  • Little or no pain and treatment without anesthesia
    300 microns deep
  • Maximum depth of 4,000 microns (4 mm)
  • Covers all dermal layers with a uniform electric field
  • Minimally invasive
  • Safe and fast treatment
  • Minimal downtime
  • Non-insulated electrodes
  • Complete coagulation in the total dermal layer
  • No noticeable thermal damage to the epidermis
  • Strong immediate contraction of old collagen fibers and long-term neocollagenesis in the total dermal layer
New Depths

The 300 micron depth is the only treatment capable of treating three layers at the same time: epidermis, basal membrane and papillary dermis.

ECM (Extracellular Matrix)
– Provides a physical environment for cell growth
– Performs the function of connecting cells
– The function of storing and supplying the necessary biochemical factors
– Composition: collagen, elastin, structural proteins, GAG (glycosaminoglycan), growth factors

– ECM composition
– Type IV collagen is located in the lamina densa of the basement membrane
– Support for epidermal stem cells
– Connects the epidermis to the dermis

Double Wavelength


30 msec (75% Duty Cyle)


40 msec (80% Duty Cyle)


50 msec (83.3% Duty Cyle)


60 msec (85.7% Duty Cyle)

Selective coagulation in the basement membrane and blood vessels

Effectiveness of pulsed-wave needle RF on the skin


The skin revitalization treatment¹ targets the dermal layers of the skin to increase collagen and elastin fibres

  • CW mode creates broad, independent coagulation around each electrode
  • The coagulation area continues from the deepest dermis to the upper dermis with a single penetration
  • Promoting optimal skin revitalization¹, for a firmer, more youthful appearance
  • Provides more stable radiofrequency energy









Electrodes are inserted into the dermal tissue with a 55~60° short pulse RF trigger. Thermal energy is delivered along the electrodes in the dermal layer

Thermal coagulation at target depth.


Non-insulated Electrodes
Also called “NA EFFECT”
NA EFFECT is an independent electrothermal coagulation around each bipolar radiofrequency electrode. It differs from other bipolar radiofrequency tissue reactions which are electrothermal coagulation between the two electrodes

Eletrodos não isolados

  • Complete coagulation in the total dermal layer
    Strong immediate contraction of old collagen fibers
  • Long-term neocollagenesis in the total dermal layer
  • No noticeable thermal damage found in the epidermis
  • Little or no bleeding
  • Minimal downtime and little or no pain


Eletrodos isolados

  • Partial coagulation in the total dermal layer
  • Neocollagenesis in the partial dermal layer
  • Causes bleeding
  • Relatively longer downtime
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