For those searching for versatile and high-performance technologies to enhance or regenerate skin health, FUTERA is Multi Fractionated and Electro Computerized RF technology, with an exclusive Fusion method, minimally ablative, which acts on the papillary layer of the skin.

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What are Futera's indications?

Futera provides new avenues of treatment, especially when

combined with Drug Delivery or other technologies, ensuring

a highly satisfying experience for both doctors and patients.

How does Futera work on the skin?

Computational power

Through computational power, Futera reinterprets the skin’s biological information, identifying the amount of energy needed to open paths and contribute to more satisfactory results in the use of combined treatments, a powerful ally for clinical day to day.

  • Minimally ablative technology
  • Bespoke procedures using 64 dots per shot
  • Simultaneous treatment of the epidermis and papillary dermis
  • Stable emission of electro thermal energy
  • With electrical stimulation creates unique permeability channels


Heating of the dermoepidermal junction through electrothermal stimulation with formation of micro coagulation channels that increase the permeability of actives through the epidermis (drug delivery).

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