Transforming dermatology and cosmiatry with high-tech equipment

Technology to treat the whole skin

Liftera and Futera: Technology and innovation for doctors and patients.

Our Products

Technology and innovation for doctors and patients.
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A microfocused ultrasound. The technology that will elevate your results through the perfect combination of technique and innovation.


A multifractionated radiofrequency. For those looking for a high-performance technology, a device for a wide range of indications.

About us

Driven by technology and innovation, Entera is formed by a team that believes in a much greater purpose of transforming lives with the best equipment in the dermatology segment.

With more than 15 years of experience, the company represents brands that carry innovation and the power of transformation in their DNA , providing the doctor with the best solutions so that he can put his entire career into practice. potential and its techniques.

Continuously improving health and well-being, generating value for you as a physician, for your patients and for society as a whole, is what drives us.


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