Liftera Pen – understand right now what we call innovation in facelift treatment

Liftera Pen – understand right now what we call innovation in facelift treatment

Liftera Pen – understand right now what we call innovation in facelift treatment

We bring you details of the Liftera Pen’s performance and describe the benefits its ergonomic design provides from our proposed innovation of micro-focused ultrasound technology. In this way, we will clarify why the Liftera Pen is a success of full satisfaction among physicians and patients, who have reported unique experiences with the results.

First of all, unlike conventional technologies, it is necessary to say that Liftera has two applicator modalities, our focus today is to present the differentials of the pen in lifting treatment.
Find out why you should embrace this innovation in your practice.

4 justifications for the technological innovation of microfocused ultrasound

Liftera presents a non-invasive treatment, without surgery or abrupt interventions on the dermal layer for the lifting procedure on the contours of the face, neck and body as a whole

1 – Flexibility:

We have two applicators: Liftera Pen and the Liftera In-Line cartridge. This advantage in ergonomics offers dermatologists a wider range in the adoption of lifting procedures. In other words, there is more possibility to exalt details of each patient with substantial efficacy.

2 – Efficiency:

The doctor has the possibility of adding in his procedures a more accelerated way for the remodeling of all the collagen fibers in the treated skin, through the irradiation of micro-focused ultrasound, at high speed in specific points and without causing any damage in the superficial layers of the skin.

3 – Exclusive innovation:

The Liftera Pen format provides better results and new application possibilities, with solutions that offer more safety to physicians in non-invasive treatments. In addition, it is the first and only one to use the new Thermal Diffusion Treatment technology better known by its abbreviation TDT™, which we will explain later.

4 – It is more comfortable:

The Pen, in addition to using the unique TDT™ technology mentioned above, also combines UDP™ technologies, enabling digital control in your applications.
How does Liftera technology work?
Providing improved precision in body contouring and reshaping, Liftera’s micro-focused ultrasound is a technology that provides rejuvenation and collagen stimulation, through a thermal and safe effect on collagen fibers. This innovative technique acts through two types of thermal effects: coagulation and accumulation points by diffusion, which aim to reach the dermal layer and SMAS, promoting skin retraction and neocollagenesis.

About TDT™

Different from other conventional procedures using micro-focused ultrasound, Thermal Diffusion Treatment – TDT™ – allows the delivery and accumulation of heat in different layers of the skin with speed up to 10Hz.

Illustrative image of the TDT™ performance.

About UDP™

It is the Digital Power Drive (UDP™) technology, which makes it possible to give digital commands on how the energy should be directed to the skin layers during treatments. In other words, in a stable and precise way, Liftera micro-focused ultrasound generates digitally controlled energy power, reaching the ideal coagulation point with greater efficacy, safety and comfort for doctors and patients.

It is important to remember that only Liftera devices possess such technological advantages, which allies both UDP™ and TDT™ in an exclusive way.

How does the Liftera pen work?

The ergonomics and design of the pen are highly effective differentials, which collaborate to detail specific parts of the patient’s body. In this way, it is possible to treat a greater number of regions, expanding the possibilities for dermatological lifting procedures.
The fact that the facial anatomy is not flat, full of curved and contoured areas, gives the Liftera Pen a series of conditions that provide a design that refines the results in an individualized way and according to the physical characteristics of each patient.

The trigger speed of up to 10Hz allows the use of the Moving Technique for more comfortable and precise treatments, which in turn, makes facial and body contouring lifting much faster and more effective at all stages of treatment.
In other words, with the Liftera Feather it is possible to treat all areas of the face such as: forehead, eyelids, wrinkles, lips, chin and facial contours.

In this way, it is possible to reach considerable detailed levels in areas such as the lower eyelid (eliminating wrinkles, fat bags, sagging), jawline, chin, nasolabial folds, etc…


Open yourself for new possibilities that exalt the beauty of your patients in a non-invasive way. These techniques, besides being innovative, will revolutionize the relationship between doctors and patients.
So be sure to learn more about these new Liftera procedures, enhanced by the exclusive Collagen Producing Plume. Talk to our consultants right here on our website.

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Liftera Pen – understand right now what we call innovation in facelift treatment

We bring you details of the Liftera Pen’s performance and describe the benefits its ergonomic design provides from our proposed…

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